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The Enterprise Engineering Institute promotes the application in practice of Enterprise Engineering (EE) in general and DEMO in particular. DEMO is a unique methodology for modeling enterprises. Look here what DEMO does in your organization:

On this site you will find information about education and certification in DEMO and several case studies.

EE and DEMO have a sound anchoring in science via the CIAO! network. By means of the members in our Abvisory Board we have strong ties with commercial companies that apply DEMO in practice, viz. the EE-Consortium and Capgemini.

Watch the interviews with our (former) chairman about their experience with the application of DEMO.

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DEMO is an acronym for 'Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations'. The name also stands for the demonstration that the underlying PSI-theory (Performance in Social Interaction) is a viable basis for practically dealing with organizational changes of all kinds.

An organization is viewed to consist of three aspect organizations: the B-organization (Business), the I-organization (information), and the D-organization (Data). The B-organization represents the essence of the organization, since it is completely independent from the way in which this essence is realized and implemented. A full understanding of the B-organization is the correct starting point in the (re-)engineering of an organization, which ultimately includes the software used to support the business processes.


Demo applied: VISI

In the projects which are carried out by businesses in the Infrastructure Building sector, the parties involved communicate constantly.

With the DEMO methodology the various collaborating roles have been defined and agreements have been made about the format and meaning of messages exchanged between parties involved. These agreements have been dubbed VISI, which stands for the creation of conditions for the implementation of standardisation ICT in Infrastructure Building.

The benefit of VISI is the increased effciciency of collaboration, thanks to the clear communication process.